How to Complicate a Perfectly Good Morning.

Way back when, when I was drowning in a sea of 4 kids under five, I started this blog called, You’re The Boss Brandice. For the most part, I wrote about the kids. The name of the blog came from Columbia House. They sent me some mail, wanting me to order some CD’s. Clearly, they need to do a better job at screening this sort of thing. They had forgotten about how I never held up my end of the bargain, the last time(s) I ordered from them. Anyways, on the outside of the envelope that they sent, it said, “You’re The Boss Brandice.” And I’ve been milking that ever since. But for reasons I don’t remember, I stopped blogging and took the site down. 

This morning, I went from having a simple New Years Resolution – reading 100 books in 2019 – to starting another Photo-a-day project for the year. And from there, I thought it would be fun to throw a blog into the mix. “I know! I’ll do a photo every day AND write a blog post!” said Overly Optimistic New Year’s Day Brandice. 

After my children made fun of me, (one literally LOL’d at me, and two CRINGED at the thought of me writing a blog… I mean, they’re not too far off on this one…) I dug my camera out, and got the blog set up. Then, I decided to try and get some pictures before going into work.

I did not have a plan or even an idea of what to photograph. The kids were like, NAH. So, I decided that Nova, my precious German Shepherd, who loves to lay at my feet and be still, was my best option. But then, I couldn’t remember how to use my camera… F-stop? Shutter speed? Huh? I thought about it for a minute, turned some knobs… and NOPE. That’s not it.

The nothingness that you see below, is a picture of brightness.

Hashtag you’re doing it wrong,

I started to remember how to use the camera, and then I commanded Nova to sit and model for me…

Then I turned to the cat who wouldn’t even look at me.

After work, I tried again. One kid was willing, but the lighting was terrible.

We moved some lamps around and her patience grew thin… So. That is day one, and it will do. So far, 2019 is on a fast track to resolution burn out 😀

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